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Kings Lynn Mezzanine Project

We have recently completed a Mezzanine floor project in Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

Having designed the spec of the floor and had the layout drawings signed off by the customer, we then installed and completed within 4 days.

Our contracts manager then visited site to hand over load notices and approved the build.

A very happy customer. 

If you have any similar requirements please do get in touch on 01553 666010. 


Used Rack Sentry – Protect you Racking

We have taken in a huge stock of excellent condition Rack Sentry Rack Protection.

These will fit 75, 80, 90 & 100mm front face uprights – Finished in Bright Yellow & with no installation due to the Velcro straps these are a great way to protect your racking and at a great price.

Starting from just £15.00 each +VAT

Rack Sentry Guard Fitted 1 5 4 3

Call our sales office to order or more details. 01553 666010

Book your Annual Rack Inspection

Book your Annual Rack Inspection.

We’ve many years experience of inspecting racking and shelving systems and have providing reports on some of the biggest companies through out East Anglia.

Rack damage isn’t so obvious, that why it’s best to always have an annual inspection carried to SEMA guidelines.

Our experienced inspector will used the traffic light system to obtain damage and provide all information in an easy to ready report; complete with drawings

We have Monthly, Quarterly, Biannually & Annual Packages available.

Click here to find out more information and book your rack inspection today.